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Some words about us

Delvia started when several senior developers, linux system administrators and DevOps engineers got to talking about our observations about the software development industry. We agreed that companies universally have issues hiring and keeping the right people in the area of DevOps. We also agreed that developers, operations peoplre and devops engineers employed by large companies can have a tendency to not keep their skills up to date and thus have a difficult time adapting to a rapidly changing development landscape.

As a result of this conversation we concluded that we should join together. Using our vast experience we could provide a better alternative and offer it to businesses of all sizes. We made a resolution to acquire the best talent, use the best tools and provide the necessary training to stay on top of the DevOps industry.

  • Our Mission - To provide cost effective, client focused, expert DevOps while providing our staff members a rich and rewarding work environment
  • Our Skills - We provide a full range of DevOps and development services including: configuration management, centralized logging and monitoring, application architecture & development, continuous integration & deployment and server administration
  • Our Clients - Our clients range from new startups to large enterprises or anyone who is looking for a better way to get web software into production, running fast and problem free

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As a software development shop, you are used to producing great software and are probably at the point where your software has become so popular that the servers and infrastructure are having trouble keeping up.

Not to worry. That is what we specialize in. Delvia employs some of the most seasoned DevOps engineers and software developers around, each of whom is prepared to put their expertise to work for you.

Our professionals are all on-shore so you get the highest quality deliverables at all times.

Our most commonly requested services are listed below, but if you need something different, just let us know. We can usually accomodate you.

DevOps Automation and Consulting

The fastest way to get your infrastucture in a consistent, highly scalable format that will be maintainable for years to come.

Our teams are fully equipped to handle all aspects of DevOps including:

  • Feature planning and releasing
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Configuration Management
  • Infrastucture as Code
  • Cloud Scaling (AWS, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Windows Azure)
  • Linux Systems Administration
  • System Documentation

We employ Agile practices which means we deliver value all the time and provide very accurate time estimates

Staff Augmentation

As well as Delvia teams work together, sometimes you don't need an entire team. For those times we offer one or more experienced resources to join your existing team.

Our professionals have been in the software & IT industry for many years and have experience in a wide variety of team structures. We are here to provide a seamless fit to your needs.

Infrastructure Architecture

Our team of highly trained DevOps professionals are prepared to design and maintain a cloud-based server architecture to support any scale.

Whether you are setting up new services or maintaining existing infrastructure, Delvia professionals can answer the call.

Our DevOps engineers can also interface with the Development Team to ensure that your software applications and infrastructure are harmoniously aligned.

Maintenance Plans

Let's face it, your systems are not the type of thing you build once then forget. Software and infrastructure need to be cared for and maintained. Luckily Delvia professionals have been caring for and maintaining software and infrastructure for many years and for many clients.

Our comprehensive maintenance plans mean you can have peace of mind knowing that Delvia has got your back.

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Our experts have done work for many recognizable brands including:

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